Park Place eyed for U.K. project

Jan 29, 2002 7:19 AM

The intent of Park Place Entertainment Corp. (PPE) to expand its presence in the international gaming marketplace was underscored last week when one of Americas’ wealthiest businessmen made a proposal to U.K. authorities.

Philip Anschutz, ranked as the 16th richest man in the U.S., proposed a long-term lease for the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, England, and the surrounding property that would be developed into a Las Vegas-style casino and an array of entertainment activities.

Before suggesting anything specific, however, a spokesman for Anschutz’s European operations admitted that there had been no detailed discussions with Park Place Entertainment or any other company.

Yet, rumor had it that Peter George, long-time CEO of Ladbroke, England’s former leader in the number of betting shops, and now the person in charge of PPE’s international projects, was prepared to head the new organization.

Involved in the Greenwich plan, in addition to Anschutz’s corporation, were an English real estate company and an Australian property developer. The consortium was named Meridian Delta Limited.

Although plans remained indefinite, supporters of expanded gaming in the United Kingdom pointed to the immature Millennium plan as one of the first of what is expected to be a large number of gaming proposals.