1.2 million reasons to hate Wisconsin

Feb 5, 2002 4:27 AM


Troy Westphal thought he won nearly $1.2 million at a local Wisconsin casino after watching three red sevens line up on the slot machine’s reels. He thought wrong.

Officials at the Ho-Chunk Casino claimed that the machine malfunctioned and that the money would not be paid.

Westphal filed a complaint with the casino and with the State Division of Gaming in an attempt to get the money, but has not received a satisfactory answer.

“The state can’t make the casino pay,” said Linda Minash, director of Indian gaming and regulatory compliance. “Casinos don’t usually pay for a slot machine’s mistakes. On every machine I’ve seen there’s a little disclaimer that the casino is not responsible for the malfunction of the machine.”

Rock still speaking

Speaking Rock still has a voice in El Paso, at least until February 11.

The El Paso casino will not be forced to end gambling operations until that date at the earliest. The Feb. 11 date will be when the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will issue its mandate on the case.

Texas Attorney General John Cornyn filed a lawsuit in federal court three years ago claiming that the eight-year-old casino was illegal under state law.

The Tiguas are challenging Cornyn’s action, which would strip the tribe of their reported $60 million a year enterprise. More than 700 people are expected to lose their jobs.