Sigma debuts new slot based on game of Life

Feb 12, 2002 3:46 AM

Sigma Game Inc. announced last week that it has entered into a corporate agreement with Harrah’s Entertainment for exclusive placement of the Hasbro, Inc. brand video slot machine, the GAME OF LIFE. The highly interactive video adaptation of the 42-year-old classic board game was introduced by Sigma at the 2001 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

Sigma President and CEO Jim Jackson said, “We’re excited about our partnership with Harrah’s, and we’re excited about the GAME OF LIFE. We know that our agreement with Harrah’s will give us an opportunity to introduce a truly exciting and innovative game experience to a large and very loyal customer base. We believe Harrah’s and its customers will be thrilled with this new game.”

The 60-day exclusivity agreement extends to each market in which Harrah’s operates a casino.

According to Bruce Rowe, Harrah’s Entertainment’s Corporate Vice President of Slot Operations Research and Development, “We believe the GAME OF LIFE incorporates the most important elements of the most successful slot games enjoyed by our customers.”

Jackson explained that one of the game’s features is a bonus round that allows slot players to play a virtual GAME OF LIFE board game, spinning and advancing through many of the features included on the board game. “We tried to keep the slot version as true to the original board game as we could. I’m confident that the game will both evoke old memories and create new ones for anyone who plays.”

Pat Schmidt, Hasbro, Inc.’s Director of Product Licensing, said: “The GAME OF LIFE slot game is a real plus for Harrah’s. With all of the important iconography and basic game play of the classic board game, the slots should provide Harrah’s customers with an enjoyable gaming experience. Whether they’ve played the board game or not, we expect that Harrah’s players will be very pleased with the GAME OF LIFE slot machine .”

In 1960, Milton Bradley company introduced the GAME OF LIFE board game to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company. The game was inspired by a “Checkered Game of Life” game board that was in the company’s archives. The GAME OF LIFE board game is played all over the world in some 20 different languages.

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