Shuffle Master targets year-end for Bud-theme slots

Feb 12, 2002 3:55 AM

Shuffle Master has indicated that it initially plans to introduce two Budweiser-themed slot games into casinos by the end of the calendar year, though the actual date of introduction will depend on the pace of development and regulatory approvals.

These first two games will be marketed as separate video and mechanical reel-spinning products, and on platforms that will allow the company to develop a variety of additional titles.

Development of the video-based game featuring Budweiser is underway utilizing Shuffle Master’s operating system. The company noted that it has made significant progress in the commercialization steps associated with its operating system, including feature advancements, regulatory reviews and electronic interfaces for retrofits and hardware add-ons, thereby expanding the options available for marketing Budweiser and other slot game products.

Shuffle Master also announced that it has entered into an agreement with Bally Gaming, Inc., a subsidiary of Alliance Gaming Corporation, for Bally to supply mechanical reel slot machines to be used in marketing a Budweiser themed game. Under the agreement with Bally, Shuffle Master will develop the game concept and Bally will program and manufacture the base unit of its popular S6000 machine to run the game. Shuffle Master will purchase the Bally machines and will be responsible for marketing and sales.

Mark Lipparelli, President of Shuffle Master, commented, “We aim to capture the highly entertaining nature of the Budweiser themes on both video and mechanical reel platforms. While video slots are a growing part of the market, mechanical reel games continue to be popular in a wide range of markets and represent an important opportunity. We are especially pleased to be working with Bally on this project. Their S6000 platform is proven, well-established and will allow us to quickly reach a large number of casino customers.”

Shuffle Master, Inc. is a gaming supply company specializing in innovative, high quality products and services to the casino industry, including card shufflers and other table gaming equipment, table and slot games, and gaming machine software and hardware. The company was ranked as the 32nd best small company in America by Forbes magazine.