Needles, Lindsay, Hillary: Oy!

Mar 11, 2008 6:00 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | This week your esteemed columnist received one of those notices in the mail that’s been on the front page of newspapers all over the country. Yes, I was one of the 40,000 people possibly exposed to Hepatitis C.

No one, not even a celebrity, is immune to improper health practices at local medical centers. I was advised to be tested twice. Better safe than sorry. Each of us must handle this in our own way.

The Hillary and Obama debates have become some of the best shows on television. Hill (Hillary) and O (that would be Obama, not Oprah). Wait, maybe we’re on to something.

Could it be the ticket might read O and O? Or maybe Hill and Bill? Talk about change!

While we’re covering Hillary Clinton, did everyone see the television ad Robert DeNiro did for Hillary? He must have filmed it sometime ago because he spent most of the week here in Las Vegas. Where DeNiro goes so goes the stars, who were all over town. DeNiro is co-owner of Ago at the Hard Rock. Maybe Ago is what the Hard Rock needs, especially after Simon left to go to the Luxor.

Rumor continues that Ronn Lucas will be moving from the Luxor to the Excalibur. As reported earlier, the Luxor is betting on making the hotel the jewel of the crown with entertainment like Redneck Tenors, Carrot Top, Fantasy and a new show yet to be announced.

Let’s not forget Criss Angel is arriving soon. Felix Rappaport has done an incredible job of refurbishing the Luxor’s LAX nightclub after the recent short term closure of Cathouse.

For readers that don’t know, Monti Rock III often engages his own psychic powers. It’s only natural that I salute the well-known psychic Sylvia Browne at the Excalibur and John Edwards from television’s Crossing Over at the Flamingo. From Crossing Over to Move Over. It could be a booking for Psychic Monti.

Everyone’s getting ready to watch our own Penn Jillette on Dancing with the Stars. This might be very good for the Vegas oddsmakers.

On the reality television scene I ask you, "Can we stand it?" The Lohan family, yes that would be Lindsay Lohan’s family, are involved in yet another reality television show. Why? This could be dysfunction and reality in one show, like so many others. The mother, the daughter and the father! Too much Lohan for me.

The visitors arriving in our fabulous city have a wealth of entertainment to experience. In addition to Bette Midler at Caesars Colosseum, Toni Braxton (Flamingo), Barry Manilow (Hilton) and Rita Rudner (Harrah’s), there soon may be a new Wayne Newton production. Yes, Wayne Newton again! The status of show business in Las Vegas deserves an "A" rating.

I’m thrilled to have the chance to review the shows and often I’m surprised. One of my up-coming reviews will be Roseanne Barr at the Sahara. Roseanne is breaking in some new material, has a blog and is on radio. But, then aren’t we all? The Sahara has a hit on their hands with Trent Carlini, who might bring the real magic back to the resort, recapturing the splendor it had some 40 years ago.

I ventured downtown to a special evening of Rat Pack is Back with the Lou Bronson Orchestra, presented by Dick Feeney at the Plaza. Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve actually been to the Plaza. The surprise was how beautiful the showroom looks. The Greek Isles’ loss is the Plaza’s gain.

Nothing compares to live music. The audience seemed to have a great time and the show confirms that Feeney has a niche in this genre. Again, give it to Dick for bringing downtown some live entertainment and the price is right!

Before the show, the media was treated to an Italian feast at Lombardi’s, also at the Plaza. I really should get out more because this was another surprise. From appetizer and salad to dessert, you won’t be disappointed at Lombardi’s.

I enjoyed meeting Li’Shey Johnson, the Catering Sales Manager at the Plaza. It was a good turnout by the media, but I especially enjoyed visiting with Hillary Green, Mike Weatherford and Jerry Fink. Let’s be honest. Even the media likes seeing their names in print.

Food, food, food. For great Lebanese food, try Ali Baba at 8826 S. Eastern Ave. Great food and music with belly dancing later in the evening.

Salsa here, Salsa there. This music not only has them dancing, but coming out to see live bands. This week the South Point had Gilberto Santa Rosa and his full orchestra performing to a sold out house of around 900. This is one of Puerto Rico’s hottest bands, showing the power and potential of our Latin Community. Give them what they want and they will support it.

Venturing out to Fremont Street Experience after the show took us right to PianoRig. This is another one of those Las Vegas secrets. It was a huge truck, and you know how I like big trucks. Sitting on the bed of this huge truck was a baby grand piano with a young man creating beautiful music. It had the late night crowd stopped in their tracks.

This is a one of a kind creation by the pianist, Ryan Ahern. Ryan has more music awards than you can count, but two of his most well known came from the International Liberace Piano Competition. This is no small feat and Ryan is a two-time first place winner.

This is an amazing young man who brings his talent to Fremont Street for everyone to enjoy. Thank you Fremont Street Experience for the added attraction. Spend some time downtown in Las Vegas. You just might be surprised!