"Secret" vaults ensure anonymity

Feb 19, 2002 7:29 AM

When clients rent a safe deposit box from Sovereign Security, they are given a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Even if they don’t read the 58-page booklet, it serves as a reminder of their inalienable right to a private, confidential, anonymous and totally untraceable safe haven for their personal valuables.

Located on Sunset Road between Eastern and Pecos, Sovereign Security is a private provider of personal security vaults, which are “confidentialized” for the customer, who remains anonymous and retains full access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“For the first time, the client has the ability to make their personal valuables legally private and completely untraceable,” said Garry Owens, spokesman for Sovereign Security. “The client and only the client will ever know the contents of their personal security vault, and no one will even know that their valuables exist.”

Sovereign Security is the brainchild of Elliot Shaikin, a 15-year Las Vegas resident, who hatched the idea a few years ago after becoming frustrated with the constraints associated with traditional safe deposit boxes at commercial financial institutions.

The result is a kind of cross between a Swiss bank account and a Super Secret Wall Safe. Sovereign clients are never asked for any personal identification, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards or social security numbers. Instead, they remain anonymous because the primary source of identification is an iris scan, a space-age technology that’s among the most reliable recognition systems in the world.

“The iris recognition system far surpasses voice, face, fingerprint and retinal systems,” Owens said. “It’s also quick, safe and simple.”

Leasing a private box (prices begin at $100 per year) is also simple and painless. The customer picks out the box, pays the rent, registers an iris scan, is assigned a pin number to access the vaults, and receives the only two keys that will unlock their box.

“We don’t keep copies of the keys, they both belong to the client,” Owens said.

To access their personal security vault, clients can enter the building anytime, day or night, with the pin access code, then gain entry into the vaults through the iris scan. Once inside, both keys are required to open the boxes, and private viewing rooms ensure further privacy.

The first block of 4000-plus security vaults rented so rapidly that Sovereign Security is adding more boxes, as well as larger vaults and short-term rentals.

The company is also developing an exotic computer scanning procedure that will store digital documents on the Internet. Company officials said the technology, which could be released by this summer, should revolutionize the ability to store, archive and retrieve digital versions of virtually any type of document.

Who knows, perhaps their first scan will be a copy of the U.S. Constitution.