Louisiana latest state to shut door on Tyson

Feb 26, 2002 5:55 AM

Louisiana said no to Mike Tyson.

Gov. Foster sent word to the Louisiana Boxing Commission that the former heavyweight champion was not to be granted a license that would open the way for a multi-million dollar fight with current champ Lennox Lewis.

“I can guarantee you we aren’t going to do it, because I just don’t think we want to make it that way,” Foster said. “I think this guy is not a role image we want to work with. He’s just not a role model for anybody. When the state of Nevada turns somebody down, I’m not real sure we should be the state to do it.”

Foster conceded that the state would make a lot of money from the matchup, but indicated he would not alter his position.

The Nevada Boxing Commission rejected Tyson’s bid to be re-instated by a 4-1 vote last month. This past week, Las Vegas police dropped its investigation regarding two allegations of sexual assault against Tyson.

Tyson’s chances of reinstatement, however, seem better in Washington, D.C., which has shown a desire to grant a license for a possible June bout against Lewis at the MCI Center.