Rio plans his and hers topless shows?

Feb 26, 2002 6:19 AM

There’s a possibility that the Rio will add a topless revue to go along with its Chippendales male extravaganza, set to open at the end of this month. Let’s hear it for undulating, pulse-pounding flesh!

Which all proves that Las Vegas is still the entertainment capital of the world. Where else can you go for such diversity? Can you imagine going from a male revue to a jiggle show ”” all within a few feet of each other? It’s enough to make a sane person schizophrenic!

Rick Springfield celebrates his first year anniversary as the star at MGM’s EFX. As reported earlier in this column, I thought the show was going to hire Donnie Osmond, but Rick has been a nice variation from the previous stars ”” Michael Crawford, Tommy Tune and the fabulous David Cassidy. As a rock star, Rick has his own charisma, and has developed a solid following. Rick Springfield has found a home in EFX, so let’s give him a rousing celebration on his anniversary.

In the remember-back-when column, Liz Renay was notorious in her heyday. She was a Marilyn Monroe look alike, and a scandalous bon vivant. She has a new book, “My Face for the World to See,” with an introduction by John Waters. Renay has been married eight times, and lives here in Las Vegas. Overall, she’s a bona fide character. I can’t wait to see the book.

Over at The Orleans, I caught the wonderful Dionne Warwick. She was in wonderful form on-stage, as well as backstage. She told me she has moved to Brazil and she’s cutting a Brazilian album. She’s just done a remake of a classic with Celia Cruz. There were a lot of well-wishers back stage, but the stand out was Beverly Todd. Bev and I go back to New York when she modeled and I modeled and she broke into the movies and I broke out of the movies.

Lance Burton, one of the mainstays of Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo, took his fabulous show on the road and was a great big hit. This week he gets a special award for his charity work and what he does for this community. He definitely deserves all the accolades he gets.

Over at Olio! at the MGM Grand, I attended an intimate dinner party for Bill Bakula, the manager of Walter Mercado. As I announced last week, he has a spectacular show coming to a major property. In attendance was a Brazilian television and movie star, a Bridgette Bardo look alike. I’m speaking of Mariette Detotto, the hottest thing in Brazil. This party was announced to launch the Latin extravaganza. The Latin invasion has arrived and will continue to grow.

Other columnists are talking about Paul McCartney’s show at the MGM on April 6. My spies tell me that Aretha Franklin may also be in line to come to Vegas. Stay tuned.

And then there’s the afternoon shows. These attract a wide audience and offer variety, all the way from Bottoms Up at the Flamingo and Viva Las Vegas at the Stratosphere, to Ronn Lucas at the Rio, and Mac King at Harrah’s. They prove that there’s more to do in the afternoon than siesta. So, get dressed, get out, and get entertained!