Rich Little returns to the Suncoast showroom

Feb 26, 2002 6:23 AM

Rich Little and a rich cast of hundreds of voices returns Friday through Sunday at 7 p.m. to the Suncoast showroom. For tickets, call (702) 636-7075.

Notorious for his skewing of political figures, Rich has amused and lampooned politicians from here to his native home in Canada. Former U.S. Presidents, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton”¦Rich has an impression of each of them.

Rich Little is a master mimic of over 200 voices. A professed classic movie buff, he is particularly fond of doing Alan Ladd, his hero as a young child. The son of a doctor in Ottawa, Canada, Rich started his “career” at the age of 12 when he answered back to his teachers in their own voices.

In his early 20’s, Rich was discovered in the United States. His friend, singer Mel Torme, then on the musical team of the “Judy Garland Show” asked him to make a tape. Instead of the usual impressions, he did Fred MacMurray, James Mason and Van Heflin. Garland thought it was great and Rich was signed for the show.

Appearances on a variety of television shows starring Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, Dean Martin soon followed. Rich had his own variety show in the 70’s. He also hosted “The Tonight Show” 12 times. Rich became a household name as one of the “Hollywood Squares.”

Rich has also appeared on the daytime soaps, “The Young and the Restless,” and “Santa Barbara.”