Original ‘Bad Girl’ headed to Venetian?

Mar 12, 2002 6:23 AM

Rumor has it that a new show at The Venetian has been signed, sealed and soon to be delivered. It is scheduled for debut on Memorial Day weekend, starring Donna Summer and Chaka Khan, among others. Donna Summer? Love to love ya’, you Bad Girl! Mix in Chaka Khan’s Feel for You and you have an atavistic freak-out!

The magical mystical world of Walter Mercado Live at Caesars Palace is a reality. The Latin invasion has arrived. Yours truly will be on board with my own segment. We’ll be speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil, you know). There will be interviews of great stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Stay tuned. Congratulations to Park Place Entertainment and Caesars Palace for backing this show!

The annual Showest awards were held last week at the Paris Convention Center. This year’s biggest star was Bruce Willis, but many notables made their appearances. J. Lo was there, looking fabulous as usual, Nicole Kidman took home awards. Television operators, producers and stars all talking business for the coming seasons. Big stuff for the television crowd. Familiar sounds such as, “My movie will be big!” “Your movie will be big!” “My star is the biggest!” Big, big! Enough said.

Sinatra sings Sinatra. This just in. Frank Sinatra, Jr., Ol’ Blue Eyes’ one and only son, will be at the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand with a 36-piece orchestra. The date is May 9-15, so get your tickets now. Some things go full circle, six degrees of separation so to speak. Don’t forget the Sinatra ladies, Tina and Nancy. Tina was once married to the late Wes Farrell who was the president of Chelsea Records and was one of the producers of Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes. Where have we heard that before?

And speaking of Sinatra, one of my favorite shows, The Rat Pack is Back at the Sahara, has found a new Sinatra impressionist. I’m happy to report the arrival of Michael Civisca, another Frank alter ego. Comments have been overheard that the show’s producers, David Cassidy and Don Reo, are still in negotiations. Also happy to report another favorite Sinatra impressionist, Bob Anderson, the entertainer’s entertainer, is about to sign a deal on his show, Jeff Kutash’s The Main Event.

This columnist doesn’t cover sports, but when it comes to charities and well-known characters, it’s definitely worth putting on the list of up-coming events. It’s the Shaquille O’Neal All-Star Comedy Roast II, to be held at the MGM Grand EFX Theatre on June 28.

Other up-coming events include Marlene Ricci, voted best female singer on the Strip, opening at the Riviera on March 11. Also, the Chippendales are about to walk into the life of Las Vegas, opening March 13 at the Rio.

As we all know, Paul McCartney is opening at the MGM Grand April 5 and 6. Now this is strange. Tickets priced at $350 are sold out, leaving tickets of $250 and $125, not including applicable service charges. One of my all-time favorite funny men, Carrot Top, opens April 10 to 17 at the MGM Hollywood Theater.

The Travel Channel is returning to Las Vegas. Again, yours truly is being touted along with Rita Rudner. Supposed to be a segment on the nightlife of Las Vegas. An opportunity to introduce the world to our fabulous entertainment and stars.