New Kutash show headed to Venetian?

Mar 19, 2002 3:25 AM

Openings! Openings! Openings! That means press parties, media events, mixers, galas, meet-and-greets, open bars, hors d’ oeuvres and much more! Oh, they also signal the start of a new show, which could be the next big blockbuster.

For months this columnist has been writing about a terrific show I saw in Atlantic City last year. Now, Jeff Kutash’s show, The Main Event, starring Bob Anderson has finally made it to Las Vegas. I’m thrilled to announce that the show is likely headed for The Venetian. This is a wonderful show based on the early years of Frank Sinatra’s colorful life ”¦his Hoboken days. With a full orchestra and the talent and star power of Bob Anderson, it’s sure to be a big hit.

Speaking of hits, I caught Marlene Ricci’s opening at Le Bistro Theatre at the Riviera. She was radiant, and put on a superb show. Attending the opening was Bernie Allen, Rich Little, the Scintas (yes, the whole family), Tony Sacca, Sonny King and many of other show biz stalwarts.

Clint Holmes at Harrah’s is introducing a brand new show this week. How can it get any better, you ask? Not sure, but we won’t miss it. Clint is a great friend and wonderful talent.

This last week included a rather grand affair at the Sahara, private suite and all, in celebration of our Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt’s 50th birthday. Quite a party with many local personalities and celebrities.

Looking to the future, the Memorial Day weekend will premier Signed, Sealed and Delivered with rotating stars performing at The Venetian; Sinatra Sings Sinatra at the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand opening May 9; and Ann Margret in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at the Aladdin Theater for the Performing Arts. Didn’t she start her career in Las Vegas? Well, maybe she just became a star here. The Suncoast will feature Dame Cleo Lane April 13-14. This is not to be missed.

Showgirls, currently at the Samba Theater at the Rio, is a Ziegfield Follies type show. It’s exotic, extravagant and worth the ticket price. You might want to check out a 30-year collection of memorabilia,. too. Let’s not forget Adam Speck, Thunder from Down Under at the Frontier and the Chippendales at the Rio. Are we in for more male reviews? Now really girls! Word on the Strip is The Rat Pack is Back at the Sahara is now on a month-to-month engagement.

If the big productions become too much, be sure to visit some of the great lounges in our wonderful city. Maybe you already have a favorite, like the Fontana Lounge at the Bellagio featuring Jimmy Hopper.

In the do you really want to know column, Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake’s three-year engagement”¦is it up, is it down, is it gone? Pamela Anderson was sighted here a few weeks ago at NASCAR, minus Kid Rock. Is there a pending nuptial? But on my favorite subject of all, Liza Minelli. Big wedding this weekend, though Whitney Houston bowed out because she had to record a new album. The guest list included 1,500 of the bride and groom’s closest friends like Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John and on and on and on. Guess-who’s name was also on the list but I was busy sorting my feather boas.