Almighty (hot) dog remains man’s best friend

Mar 19, 2002 3:37 AM

During a recent visit to the North end of the Strip, we found a few taste tempting food specials too good to miss mentioning. The Westward Ho serves a ¾-pound Mega-Dog, possibly the largest hot dog on the Strip, for a penny shy of a buck at the Deli Bar. You can also grab a giant 27-ounce Margarita at the bar to go with it for the same 99-cent price.

If the mega-dog is too mega-much, try Slots A Fun next door for a ½- pound dog always available for 99 cents as well. And if you’d rather have a beer than a Margarita, go with a bottled Heineken for only $1. Start your mornings here too. They serve complimentary doughnuts and coffee by a roving host to players between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on weekdays. For a cheap play, they even have $1 blackjack tables!

About the only thing better than cheap hot dogs are free ones. Las Vegas locals who cash their paychecks on Fridays at Silverton during March get a coupon for a free footlong hot dog at the Deli. (You need to show your Player’s Club card, but that of course is free, too! Sign up first if you don’t already have one and have a free Friday lunch on Silverton!)

Still more hot dogs and draft beer specials this month. The Orleans has a free “Survivor Party” every Thursday (while the television show continues,) through May, held in Brendan’s Irish Pub, beginning at 6 p.m. The hot dogs are just 75 cents and draft beers are only a buck each. There’s a chance to win prizes, too. See the complete details posted in the casino.

Correction: If you’ve been looking for that T-bone special for $7.95 at the Gold Coast we mentioned a couple weeks back, we had the right church. Wrong pew. The special is served in the Monterey Room, NOT the Cortez Room as was indicated. Sorry ’bout that.

The Palms has a new Hawaiian Seafood Luau Buffet every Wednesday for $15.99 per person. May not be all that cheap, but should be good! Starts at 4 p.m.

Finally, from the “News of the Weird,” (as well as the super cheap,) department, you have to get a laugh out of this note I received from Jay Wilder, an Internet chat friend who shared the following with me. Talk about cheap . . . Judge for yourself!

As Jay quoted to me, “A buddy of mine set the standards for a cheap Las Vegas vacation. (After flying in to Las Vegas,) He figured out which rental car company’s lot was closest to the strip. He’d take the free rental car shuttle from the airport to that lot, then walk to Luxor and either catch free monorails, or take the bus from there. Of course, he also stayed up all night, (carrying his gear in a backpack,) the first night, to avoid paying for a room the first day.”

I like cheap, but that is extreme!

Until next week”¦Eat well, play well, stay well!