Frank Jr.’s tribute is, like his dad, classic

Mar 26, 2002 1:37 AM

It’s not easy for a son to follow in his father’s footsteps, especially when the footsteps are Frank Sinatra’s. But Frank Jr. has done a commendable job, and he gets a chance to shine in a tribute to his father in May at the MGM Grand.

I saw Frank Jr.’s show in Âí­December, and he was phenomenal. A son paying tribute to his father, with heart-wrenching stories to punctuate the show, is classic. I would put it in the realm of Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole or Lorna Luft singing Judy Garland. The engagement at the MGM Grand will be huge.

Speaking of huge, there’s a massive vacancy where Darien Romeo is supposed to be playing. What happened to the fledgling magician? He was supposed to follow in the footsteps of Siegfried & Roy, but he must have stumbled along the way. No more room in the inn?

Maybe there are too many magic acts right now. Most of the big shows are doing fine ”” Lance Burton, Melinda, etc. ”” but the word is that one of the bigger shows on the Strip might be on the chopping block. Watch out for falling debris.

My good friend David Cassidy’s The Rat Pack is Back is one of my favorite shows, but it’s reportedly on a month-to-month at the Sahara. Let’s hope the show gets the business it deserves.

Sad to report that Pamela Anderson has hepatitis C. I hope it’s treatable. I wonder if she needs any CPR.

Nightlife in Las Vegas is second to none, but the afternoon renditions aren’t bad either. One day last week I found myself wide awake by noon, so I did a tour of the afternoon shows ”” Mac King does a hilarious comedy-magic show at Harrah’s, and Ronn Lucas keeps audiences in stitches with his riotous ventriloquist show at The Rio.

You can catch a mini-version of a Las Vegas revue in Viva Las Vegas at the Stratosphere, and if your tastes lean to risqué burlesque, check out Bottoms Up at the Flamingo.

Speaking of bottoms, the adult shows just keep on coming! You can get your daily dose of calves and cleavage at Le Femme at the MGM Grand, Showgirls at The Rio, Midnight Fantasy at Luxor, Skintight at Harrah’s and Crazy Girls at the Riviera.

The Casino Legends Hall of Fame is at it again. In a few weeks they are going to induct Oscar “mayor” Goodman, along with Vikki Carr, Trini Lopez, Charo and The Characters. You remember The Characters, don’t you? They were sort-of predecessors to the Rat Pack. Of course, I was much too young to remember.