Gain edge with Saber

Apr 9, 2002 5:59 AM

Believe me, it’s nice to have a wiseguy on our side.

Richard Saber has been a Las Vegas fixture in gaming for enough years that we promised not to reveal his starting point. His column Getting Rich with Saber is making its third appearance in the GT race and sports section. The arrows are already coming back at us. This is exactly what we had hoped would happen. Our in-house expert shoots from the hip. The accuracy may sometimes not be dead center, but it often is solidly in the park.

For example, a call came in last week from a pro gambler who felt our headline saying that Indiana as an 8-1 favorite was a good bet was in fact an insult to those in the know.

The interpretation from that call was the inspiration behind the weekly column. Saber also had to deal with a caller, who wanted to learn the names of the “whales” in Las Vegas. Other than Moby Dick, Barney and the Michelin Man, that person was going to have to dig that info up on his own.

Saber is here for us but, more importantly, he provides a huge service for our readers. It’s fun to tap into a mind of a gaming expert from both the house and player perspective. His passion is the horses, but that doesn’t mean that the man isn’t up on football, baseball or hoops. The columns will keep on coming and hopefully so will the responses. We’re delighted for the give and take.


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