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You make the call

Apr 9, 2002 8:29 AM

Robert Loria won’t win any popularity contest Montreal. The former Expos owner returned to Montreal  for Opening Day with his  new  team, the Florida Marlins. A crowd of 34,351 at Olympic Stadium was  treated to a  5-4 come-from-behind victory. Unfortunately, just 4,771 came out the next night to watch the Expos lose.

Here are the best home plate umps to bet for  OVER and UNDER.

Over: (2 or more games)

Cederstrom 2-0, Barrett 2-0, Crawford 2-0, Everitt 2-0, Reed 2-0,

Reilly 2-0, Scott 2-0, Shulock 2-0, Vanover 2-0, Welke 2-0, Wegner 2-0.

 Under: (2 or more games)

West 2-0, Kellogg 2-0, Froemming 2-0, Joyce 2-0.