Apr 9, 2002 8:32 AM

Pity the Colorado Rockies.

Colorado entertains World Series champion Arizona this Friday during a time when Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling are slated to pitch.

At least the games are at friendly Coors Field, which should offer quite a backdrop for the top 1-2 pitching combo in the majors. Both are 2-0 this year, with Schilling fanning 17 and tossing a one-hitter  against Milwaukee.

The outing came a day after Johnson fanned 12 in a win against the Brewers. The duo have already produced three shutouts and have allowed just one run. Schilling has yielded only seven hits and two walks, while fanning 26 in 16 innings of shutout ball.

 Meanwhile, the Rockies limp home after being outscored 24-6 in three losses at L.A. What’s worse is the Dodgers tallied just two runs in three losses  to San Francisco.

Watch for fireworks in the Seattle vs Alex Rodriguez rivalry this Friday as the scene shifts to Arlington, Texas. A-Rod was blanked in Seattle, but look for him heat up.