Online bettors defy the odds

Apr 9, 2002 10:53 AM

ONLINE GAMING BLOSSOMS! Said a rosebud: “Although it’s illegal, Internet betting is booming across the USA. March Madness seems to be a good way to interpret the betting frenzy going on.

“According to a source, as much as $2 million was wagered on websites for each day of the tournament. Sports betting and certain other forms of casino games have found a friend in the web. Players also enjoy poker and roulette.

“Although Nevada is the only state that allows sports betting, a bettor must do so with either a phone account or in-person visits. And, to place a bet via a phone account, the person must be in the state.

“Profits from online gambling are expected to top $4 billion this year. It will more than double that amount in three years my sources tell me.

“Can you imagine if it was legal?” the rosebud concluded.