Stratosphere ride up in the air

Apr 9, 2002 11:28 AM

The Stratosphere Tower’s proposed new thrill ride is shorter and slower. But that isn’t swaying nearby residents who still don’t want it in their neighborhood.

A large crowd was expected Thursday night, when resort representatives return to the Las Vegas Planning Commission seeking approval for a revised ride. The new design stands at 510 feet tall ”” 32 percent shorter than the original. The speed of the roller coaster has also been reduced from 120 mph to 93 mph.

Amid continued and vocal opposition, city officials had hoped the hotel and its neighbors could come to a compromise. But residents remain unswayed.

Sources tell GamingToday that the Stratosphere may ask for yet another delay. That request may ”” or may not”” be granted by the planning panel.

Richard Brown, chief of Icahn Gaming in Nevada, said his company has tried to accommodate as many concerns as possible. But he has rejected neighbors’ suggestion to move the ride because of structural and safety considerations.