Refuel on food bargains at Wild Wild West

Apr 16, 2002 4:33 AM

Already famous for its 24-hour $1.99 burger and fries, the Gambler’s Grill at Wild Wild West has announced new food specials. Check these out: $1.99 spaghetti dinner (24/7); $4.99 prime rib (5-11 p.m.); $4.99 BBQ ribs (5-11 p.m.); 99-cent pancakes (11 p.m.-9 a.m.) and 99-cent breakfast special (11 p.m.-9 a.m.)

 The ever so clever casinos are on to us cheap guys! Not to fret. There will, of course, always continue to be sweet meal deals, but it seems the new trend is to make us play and earn points to get in on these cheap-lover’s delights! Here’s at look at some point promotions this month.

Celebrating their second anniversary, the Castaways, on Boulder Highway has earn-and-redeem 200-point buffets available to players on Wednesdays and Thursdays through April 30. The Hawaiian Aloha Buffet on Mondays or the Saturday Seafood Buffet require 300 points.

Boulder Station is offering a 300-point Feast Seafood Buffet on Fridays. Earn 300 points on any Friday and redeem them the same day for the buffet. On Saturdays, earn and redeem 300 points for a two item combo meal in the Guadalajara Mexican Bar and Grille. (Even includes a Margarita!) Or earning 500 points and redeeming them on any Sunday in April will get you a brunch in the Broiler Room!

Texas Station has a similar same-day, earn-and-redeem, special on any Friday this month. Earn 300 points and redeem them for their T-Bone Feast Buffet, a $10.99 value.

The Fiesta’s Rancho or Henderson both have 1½ point Festival buffet redemption’s every Tuesday this month for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Arizona Charlie’s is celebrating its 14th Anniversary in Las Vegas with rolled-back 1988 buffet prices beginning today, through April 30. All-you-can-eat breakfast buffets are $2.49, lunches are $2.99 or dinner buffets for $3.99. The only drawback, if you want to consider it as one, is that you must earn 100 points on your player’s club card to get a voucher for the special prices. After you earn 100 points, (about 10 to 15 minutes of play on a quarter machine,) stop at the Charlie Card booth to pick up your voucher. The voucher is valid for 24 hours but is non-transferable. And even though Arizona Charlie’s East, on Boulder Highway, didn’t exist 14 years ago, the special deal is available there, too! If you’re still thinking about earning those 100 points, don’t forget it’s double cash back all month, triple cash-back if you become a new club member, or even as high as four times cash back (some restrictions involved,) on Fridays and Saturdays.

Finally, while not exactly a “special” per se, Green Valley Ranch Station Casino has added a rare find with a late-night buffet served nightly from Midnight to 6 a.m. for $6.99. Rare, because the only other two late night buffets that we’re aware of in the entire city are at Castaways or the Surf Buffet at the Boardwalk on the Strip. Green Valley’s entry into the late-night fold is a welcome and needed addition!