Apr 16, 2002 6:14 AM

When Yankees manager Joe Torre learned El Duque had a stiff neck, Roger Clemens volunteered to pitch on three days rest. Clemens was hammered by Toronto for eight hits and six runs over five innings in an 11-3 loss Thursday. Joe should have followed his conscience and pitched, say, Ramiro Mendoza. Instead, it was “Roger, OVER and out.”

Here are the best home plate umps to bet for OVER and UNDER.

Over: (2 or more games)

Brinkman 3-0, Everitt 3-0, Reilly 3-0, Shulock 3-0, Vanover 2-0, ­­Barrett 2-0, Bucknor 2-0, Cousins 2-0.

Under: (2 or more games)

Danley 2-0, Gibson 2-0, Iassogna 2-0, Randazzo 2-0, West 2-0.

Stats from Jim Feist National Sports Services, Vegas Insider, CNNSI.