V makes its $.15 pitch

Apr 16, 2002 6:57 AM

The Venetian has adopted a 15-cent baseball line as a way of providing the house with more flexibility to move a line and raise its earning power.

The Vegas books use a 10-cent line for each game. Offshore goes with a 20-cent line, which can be  a disadvantage  for using this sports betting method.

At the V, Rob Akers, race and sports director for the stellar manager Jamie Shea, opted to raise the normal baseball line from 10 to 15 as a way of allowing some profit for the house during the off-season between football and March Madness. Baseball has a win  percentage of about 1 percent, the lowest of any sport. Most books show a bottom line loss in baseball. Oh, it’s true.

 “It definitely was done to generate volume,” Akers said. “To go lower than 10 cents would create a situation where the house could get middled.”

 Stations Casinos and the new Wildfire book are using  parlays and lower lines in order to ignite baseball interest, but Akers believes the innovations are too risky for the house.

“The five-cent line opens the door for casinos to be scalped by unsteady lines that create the strong possibility of getting middled,” he said. “The house would be doing well by just breaking even. It’s a real coup for bettors. What Wildfire is doing is interesting, even if its five-cent promotion is just for a few hours.”

Venetian is also sending a strong message to off-shore books, who continue to try and ing to lure customers away from Las Vegas.

“People are willing to deal with the 20-cent line for the sake of convenience,” Akers said. “If I were a big bettor I would go off-shore. Of course, the big problem is whether the book you are dealing with is reputable. At the Venetian we can guarantee that, and at a lesser price, with immediate payoffs.”


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