My advice: Bet a lot of games, but don’t bet a lot

Apr 16, 2002 9:50 AM

Well baseball is upon us and, as a daily sport, how do we find enough dough to stay in action until football season.

I have always lived by what my dear departed dad told me, “In horses or sports bet a little to win a lot and never risk more than you can afford to lose.”

My dad also told me to bet everyday because you could be walking around lucky and not even know it. Growing up in Steubenville, Ohio where gambling was a way of life, kids, moms, dads, priest, nuns, rabbis, cops, robbers, all bet on a daily basis.

If it wasn’t sports, there was always a number to play on where you could get between 500-1 and 700-1. So everyone was always in action. We also had Waterford Park, which ran horses year-round rain, snow or shine.

So how did we stay in action? Nobody had much cash in those days. In fact we don’t have much cash now, so we must follow my dad’s wisdom. Bet a little to win a lot. Remember one good win can keep you in action for a long time.

A conservative player, who enjoys action on a daily basis, likes to play small round robin parlays. My favorite is four 3s no all. I like to throw in at least two underdogs which can spice up my payoff if I get lucky enough to cash. At $10 and a total bet of $40, your parlay card return can be in the hundreds if you hit all four teams. If you get three to win you will usually make a nice little profit.

You can also make this wager at $5 and a total of $20 bucks if you are a little shorter in the pockets than most. However, don’t be shy. You could be walking around lucky and not even know it. Remember the more underdogs you use the higher your payoff will be. Take a shot but don’t bet a lot.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up May 4 so maybe we can fine a nice tri or superfecta to take a shot with so stay tuned and the best of luck. Without luck we are lost”¦