Tigers off our chart

Apr 16, 2002 10:22 AM

Let’s cut to the chase.

Tigers at White Sox: The Tigers look like they are going to be cursed with many a loser before winning a game. Bad team with no hitters and bad pitching. You are on your own here. Edge, White Sox.

Red Sox at Royals: The Royals are a young team sprinkled with veterans. They can be dangerous, especially in their home park. Going against Martinez and Frank Castillo. Jury out on Pedro until he rights himself. Edge, Royals.

  Rangers at Mariners: With all their vaunted power, the Rangers are stumbling along at a .300 pace. Until Rangers pitching comes around they are strictly second division. Going against Hideki Irabu and Kenny Rogers, who is a major disappointment. Edge, Mariners.

Mets at Expos: The Expos continue to be a thorn in the Mets side. Check last week’s scores between these two opponents.  Javier Vazquez and Tony Armas Jr. grab a couple of wins. Edge, Expos.

Phils at Pirates: The Pirates are playing good ball, which is unexpected. The Phils are playing well, which is expected. Look for Jimmy Anderson and David Williams to win before the home folks. Edge, Pirates.

Giants at Astros: Bonds and Company should have a good time hitting in that Houston band box. Going with Kurt Ainsworth and Livan Hernandez for a couple of victories. Edge, Giants.

Padres at Dodgers: The Padres are troublesome, while the Dodgers are erratic. Going against Kevin Brown and Andy Ashby. Edge, Padres.

Reds at Cubs: The Reds have turned things around. The Cubs still trying to right the ship with no success. Kerry Wood will miss his turn in this series. Chris Reitsma and Elmer Dessens win two for Cincy. Edge, Reds.

Cards at Brewers: The Brewers are struggling in the Central basement and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Pitchers  Matt Morris and Bud Smith each win. Edge, Cards.

Rockies at D’backs: Rockies with their Triple-A pitching staff can’t compete in the NL. Johnson and Schilling take two more, while the rest of the staff continues to give up runs by the ton. Jury out on D’backs until they get help for the Big Two. D’backs can’t win pennant playing Colorado 162 times. Edge, D’backs.