Show me the ‘way’ to winning keno tickets

Apr 23, 2002 5:09 AM

Come we now to speak of way tickets.

Q. What is the best way to play a way ticket?

A. In general, on tickets that combine to make an even number, it is best to play groups half the size of the way.  For example, a way 10 spot is best played using groups of five.  On odd number ways, pick the two numbers on each side of the mean, in other words a way 11 is best using groups of five and six.

Q. A 10-way six can be played using either five groups of three [3-3-3-3-3] or five groups of two [2-2-2-2-2].  How do I know which ticket is best to play?

A.  In general, choose the ticket that has the most groups indicated in the question above.

Q.  I play a goofy 15 way 15, and I know two ways to mark it:  One with 17 total numbers and one with 20 total numbers.  Which is better to play?

A.  In general, the ticket with the most numbers on it is better, provided it does not conflict with the answers above.

Q.  I know two ways to mark a four way nine, using four threes [3-3-3-3] or a field of six and three threes [6-3-3-3].  Which is better to play?

A.  In general, the field ticket is better to play.  As long as it follows the constraints above.

Q.  I love to play a 190-way eight.  Some people tell me it’s a house ticket.  Are they right?

A.  No, at least if you are playing for a dime per way.  Though you are playing 190 eights, the most solid eights you can hit are 10, and at a dime per way, this will not exceed the maximum limit at normal pay rates.

Q.  I like playing a 20-way six marked [2-2-2-2-2-2] because I enjoy how all the deuces combine to make the sixes.  Is this a good ticket?

A.  Certainly, if you enjoy it!  There is nothing bad about this ticket.  It will produce larger winners than some other 20 way sixes, but it does so at the expense of a lower frequency.

Q.  I play four deuces, and I play the eight, the four sixes, the six fours and the four twos for a buck a way, for a $15 ticket.  Should I play it this way?

A.  You are a kid on Christmas morning!  You need to focus on the now.  Do you want to hit an eight spot?  Then play as many eights as you can afford.  Ditto the sixes.  Don’t play the four spots and the deuces, unless you are very drunk and having fun.

Q.  I’m still going to play my ticket, no matter what.  Someone told me I should play more on the big ways and less on the small ways, while someone else told me I should play more on the small ways, and less on the big ways.  Am I confused?

A.  No, you’re just having fun. You need to focus, Grasshopper. Is your goal really to hit a $3 two spot?  Or a 50-cent two spot on a $20 ticket?  Stick to the sixes and eights.