Tiger Jam V chains Chas

Apr 23, 2002 5:32 AM

Charles Barkley interviews were not allowed at Tiger Jam V, but that doesn’t mean the large one wasn’t heard.

Barkley was the show in the early morning Skins Game golf portion of the all-day event at Rio Secca benefiting the Tiger Woods Foundation to raise money for promoting the "welfare education and health of all of America’s kids."

But, Tiger V "jammed" all media interviews.

Not that missing a chat with the "King of Queens" or Dylan McDermott was bad. We were at least allowed to gawk at Gaby Reece, the pro model/volleyballer ace. But it would have been nice to get in a few words with either Tiger or Sir Charles, the SI coverboy in chains and shackles.

Especially Barkley, who has been interviewed by everyone everywhere but at Rio Secca. Barkley was his unassuming, charming self, taking photos with the Coca Cola kids and dishing out one-liners as if they were assists.

Charles also had a few quips for Tiger saying "you finally found a group of golfers who can play with you."

Butch Harmon, Tiger’s golf guru and teaching pro at Rio Secca, told the sizable turnout that he had nothing to do with Barkley’s golf game.

"I just want everyone to know that I never saw Charles swing a club and don’t want to be blamed for what you are about to see."

The 6-foot-3 Reece, who has been golfing for less than a year and a half, showed great form in landing her shot on the green.

"Great set of abs," Barkley said, of Reese’s form.

The best line was Harmon’s who introduced Barkley as the official spokesman for Augusta National.

If Barkley is genuinely charming or just putting on a show for the public, only Charles knows.

Reporters weren’t permitted the chance to find out.


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