Out of town obstacles make Las Vegas better bet

Apr 23, 2002 7:12 AM

Trying to stay in action is not easy, but it could be much more difficult if you lived in a state other than Nevada.

The reason I bring this up is a conversation I recently had with a friend who just returned from a couple days at the track and an Atlanta Braves baseball game he attended during his little trip.

Here is the gist of it. First at the track, it was a 45-minute drive in bumper to bumper traffic. Once there, it was $20 to valet the car, $10 to get in the gates, $2 for a program, $4 for a racing form, $10 for clubhouse seats, $4.50 for a beer and $6 for a hot turkey sandwich.

The guy was stuck over $50 before seeing one pitch. As for the baseball game, the $35 for seats wasn’t bad since the location was pretty good. But the kicker was the $6.50 the stadium wanted for what amounted to a 25-cent hot dog and another $6.50 for a lousy draft beer. You need to have a six-figure salary job in order to take your family to a major league baseball game.

Back to our great city of Las Vegas it takes 10 minutes to get to a race and sports book and no cost to valet park your car (one dollar tip). There are free programs and racing forms, free cocktails served by very attractive and courteous young ladies, very inexpensive buffets and lunches, some free if you wish to use points built up.

As I see it, you are approximately $50 ahead every time you walk into a race and sports book in Nevada. This is a very big edge and enables us little guys to stay in action much longer.

Also I forgot to mention the great comfort and the wide range of race tracks and odds on most all sporting events offered by race and sports books, most of which are televised. You just can’t beat wagering in Nevada.

A big high five goes to our race and sports books. There is no greater value than playing horses or wagering on a sporting event in Vegas. When you get to your favorite race and sports book give thanks and remember you are already at least $50 ahead. Just use it wisely.