A tip of the hat to the Kentucky Derby!

Apr 30, 2002 2:20 AM

What an exciting week! It’s Kentucky Derby time, an American tradition and a Las Vegas free-for-all. All over town, casinos will be packed as players crowd into town to celebrate the most exciting two minutes in sports.

The Kentucky Derby is more than just a famous horse race, though. It’s a rite of passage, and if you’ve never been there it brings out the best, most stylish, chic hats you’ll ever want to wear. In fact, there are some of us who spend more time admiring the hats than picking horses!

And don’t despair, there are hats to fit every watermelon-like head. You can go exotic, traditional, mysterious, patriotic, vibrant and even innocent (something I’ve yet to find in my closet).

MAD HATTER! ”” Derby chic, Las Vegas style!

A hat can change a personality; it can dress up almost any boring outfit. From the fruit basket hat of Carmen Miranda to the turban of Maria Montez, the Kentucky Derby promises to bring out the best of all hats. My hat’s off to them all!

So much happening all over our fabulous city, too. Rita Rudner celebrated her first anniversary at New York-New York with a very successful show.

Coming soon is Signed, Sealed and Delivered to The Venetian. And of course, a soon to be favorite production, The Main Event, starring Bob Anderson, opens Sunday at the same property.

Ooh la la, it’s Old Vegas, again, with the new show at the Rio. Showgirls Is a topless, delicious and scrumptious affair that will wow any and all audiences. This show reminds me of what Vegas was like in the burgeoning 1960s. The costumes, the choreography, everything is outstanding. Greg Thompson is highly regarded in the entertainment industry for his productions and has received award, after award, after award. The Rio has a winner with Showgirls in the Samba Room.

This exciting week continues with more exciting news. The world renowned Walter Mercado and myself are filming the first segment of the Magical World of Walter Mercado at Caesars Palace. I am thrilled that the biggest of stars have rallied around to make this a hit.

On a sad note, Gene Shacove, a renowned Hollywood hair stylist and a good friend, passed away following a heart attack. Also, the great Latin diva Maria Felix has just passed away at the age of 85. They’ll both be missed.

It’s new. It’s entertaining. It’s Fernando Quevedo’s Le Dinner Cabaret at the Greek Isles, formerly the Debbie Reynolds Hotel & Casino. Stephen Sorentino is quite fabulous. I had fun and the whole evening had a touch of new to it. This is a great evening for the gang; you know a group of friends or even family. Think group night out.

All of Las Vegas, and the world, are anticipating the Celine Dion opening at Caesars Palace. But our good friend David Cassidy still has not found a room for his fabulous show, The Rat Pack is Back. Let’s hope something breaks, because this show is too good to lose.