Wild West contestlooks to belt homer

Apr 30, 2002 8:06 AM

Wild Wild West has stepped up to the plate to put some spark into baseball. Heck, the commissioner sure isn’t.

The WWW begins its weekly five-day baseball parlay contest this afternoon. The competition runs Tuesdays through Sundays with entrants allowed a maximum of 10 bets for the week. The wagers are based on the money line. No run lines or totals will be involved.

"If you double your money, you’ll have a good chance to win," said Chris Davis, sports book manager at the Stations Casinos properties. "Usually, a finish for the week of plus $180 is among the leaders."

The formula is basic. Entries are free and you start off with a mythical total of $100. Monopoly money, if you will. There will be a first, second and third place payoff descending from $200 to $100 to $50.

"It’s the fourth year for our weekly contest, but the first time we have paid out three places," Davis said. "Boulder Station is also doing a contest, but we were the ones that originated it here."

The strategy for winning as basically the same as playing in a poker or blackjack tourney. Money management is crucial, but at the same time you want to capitalize on what can be considered a strong play or a nice run of luck.

"If you double your bankroll, you’ll have a good chance to win," Davis said. "Most people like to bet underdogs because the payoff is better and you don’t need to win 80 percent of the wagers. However, it’s not bad to take a sure one like when Randy Johnson pitches."

Wild Wild West drew in excess of 300 entrants for its highly successful March Madness college basketball tourney, which used an upgraded points system for each round to determine the champ of the promotion.

Davis expects a nice turnout for the weekly baseball competition at WWW, where the customer base is loyal and strong. The total entries should provide a barometer for whether baseball interest has truly fallen in Las Vegas.