Phyllis Diller’s send-off good for a laugh

May 14, 2002 3:16 AM

Live from fabulous Miami, your bon is here covering the Latin Billboard Awards, but before I left Las Vegas I had the pleasure of attending a farewell event at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino for Phyllis Diller.

There I was with the woman who once honored me as the funniest man out of show business. Phyllis was fabulous. Actually there was as much ooh la la off stage as there was on stage.

The Suncoast party for Phyllis was an exceptional affair with beautiful flowers, great food and wonderful plastic faces. Among the notables to help launch Phyl into retirement nirvana were Penn & Teller, Phyllis McGuire and an old friend, Ruth Buzzi who was looking very much like Ruth Buzzi; Ruta Lee crawled out of mothballs to be there, and there was Improv founder Bud Friedman and his wonderful wife.

And remember the amazing Kreskin? He used to bend metal spoons with the power of his mind. Nowadays, when he shakes your hand he almost breaks your wrist. I don’t know whether he was just happy to meet me, or trying out a new stunt.

The wonderful Charo is opening at the Sahara with a whole new line-up of stars. I want to offer support to this lady who always provides the audiences with a realm of entertainment and her fabulous classical guitar talent is known around the world.

I’m so sad the Rat Pack didn’t find another room and my favorite show, The Main Event, needs some patrons. Let’s see if we can keep this show open.

The lounge scene in Las Vegas is better than ever. A few years ago, the lounge scene was considered
a thing of the past with so many new properties providing big shows, but the lounge atmosphere is definitely back. The Rio Hotel & Casino has the breathtaking view from the Voodoo Lounge as well as the popular Ipanema Bar. The Aladdin’s Sinbad Lounge is a popular sight and another favorite can be found at Bellagio, The Fontana.

The Baby Boomer rockers just won’t go away. Seems the Rolling Stones are off on another tour and ZZ Top will be at the Aladdin.

Remember when we used to hear "Elvis has left the building." Not true. Elvis is everywhere you go in Las Vegas”¦ Elvis, Elvis, Elvis!

Gladys Knight continues to draw the crowds at the Flamingo and Marlene Ricci, one of the great ladies of song, is at the Riviera. Entertainer of the Year, Clint Holmes, is still showing audiences at Harrah’s how he captured that title.

The afternoon shows continue doing well with Bottoms Up at the Flamingo, Ronn Lucas at the Rio, Mac King at Harrah’s and Viva Las Vegas (with Elvis no doubt) at the Stratosphere.

From the "Finally File," a new afternoon show starring Darren Romeo, the Siegfried & Roy prodigy, kicks off May 28 at The Mirage. Darren, you finally got a room! Ciao baby!

Many thanks to Caesar’s Palace for hosting the Incredible World of Walter Mercado and many thanks to Paul Rodriguez, a funny, funny man and a class act. Hats off to you, pachuko!