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The Preakness

May 14, 2002 8:56 AM
Sports Book-Contestant

No. 1

No. 2 No. 3
Barbary Coast-Johnny Spot Harlan’s Holiday Booklet Proud Citizen
Barley’s-Vincent Robles War Emblem Crimson Hero Proud Citizen
Bellagio-Jimmy Croley Proud Citizen War Emblem Medaglia d’oro
Boulder Station-Stan Madlof Medaglia d’oro Harlan’s Holiday War Emblem
Caesars Palace-Lou D’Amico Medaglia d’oro Proud Citizen War Emblem
Caesars Tahoe-Steve Forester War Emblem Proud Citizen Straight Gin
Circus Circus Las Vegas-Casey Lewless Medaglia d’oro Harlan’s Holiday USS Tinosa
Edgewater-John Boyer USS Tinosa Medaglia d’oro Harlan’s Holiday
Flamingo Hilton Las Vegas-Bill Kane Medaglia d’oro War Emblem Harlan’s Holiday
Flamingo Laughlin-Bill Fogg Harlan’s Holiday Proud Citizen USS Tinosa
Foxwoods-Karen Klimas War Emblem Harlan’s Holiday Proud Citizen
Fremont-Brad Walthers Medaglia d’oro Crimson Hero War Emblem
Gold Coast-Nikkie Commisso Medaglia d’oro War Emblem Equality
Imperial Palace-Jay Kornegay Medaglia d’oro War Emblem Booklet
Jerry’s Nugget-Rich Taylor War Emblem Medaglia d’oro Harlan’s Holiday
Leroy’s-Bob Smith Crimson Hero Straight Gin War Emblem
Luxor-Clay Pooler Proud Citizen Medaglia d’oro Equality
Mandalay Bay-Scott Reynolds Medaglia d’oro Harlan’s Holiday War Emblem
Monte Carlo-Tom Wilczynski Medaglia d’oro Harlan’s Holiday Booklet
NY-NY-Michael Piranio Harlan’s Holiday Medaglia d’oro Booklet
Palace Station-Bill O’Gorman Medaglia d’oro Harlan’s Holiday Booklet
Paris Las Vegas-Trish Lewandowski Medaglia d’oro Harlan’s Holiday Equality
Riverside-Mike Circosta War Emblem Medaglia d’oro Crimson Hero
Showboat-D. Wayne Mauldin War Emblem Easyfromthegitgo Medaglia d’oro
Stardust-Joe Lupo Harlan’s Holiday Medaglia d’oro Straight Gin
Stratosphere-Robert Jaynes Harlan’s Holiday Medaglia d’oro Proud Citizen
Suncoast-Eddie Ricca Medaglia d’oro War Emblem Magic Weisner
Sunset Station-Tom Barrett War Emblem Medaglia d’oro Proud Citizen