Strike? Vegas books would feel nothing

May 21, 2002 4:15 AM

Talk of a pending baseball strike seems unavoidable, and probably an even-money bet that it will happen sometime in August.

Our insider in Afghanistan said 9-11 would be a good date.

"That date didn’t come from me," quipped Jay Kornegay, the respected race and sports director at Imperial Palace. "Strike talk is coming up now because more people believe the owners and players are dumb enough to let it happen again."


"Baseball is plain stupid," he continued. "They don’t get it. I truly believe another work stoppage would kill the sport. Especially, in Boston."

Todd Zeile of the Colorado Rockies went so far as to say the players might boycott the All Star Game in mid-July.

Hey Todd, do it!

"Yes, I would love to see it," Kornegay said. "It would piss off all the fans further."

Obviously the sport hasn’t learned its lesson from 1994 when the season was called off and there was no World Series.

"The owners put the money up and have the right to say what direction the sport goes," Kornegay said. "The players are making better salaries than we may ever dream of earning. The owners took all the risks. They need to take back control of the game."

But, how badly would a strike hurt Las Vegas books?

"Not much," Kornegay said. "Baseball was in no way a high volume sport in ’94 and it is certainly not now. There is such a dropoff of talent in the sport. Quite a few teams are already out of the races. By August, people here are looking at the NFL."

As for the NFL, the IP will again be the first Vegas book to release projected win totals. "We’ll release them May 25," Kornegay said."It’s always been well received."

Remember when baseball used to be the 12-month sport? No more.

"Definitely not," Kornegay said. "Football rules in Vegas."



Imperial Palace Resort’s race and sports director Jay Kornegay offered GamingToday his picks in several upcoming events.


Carolina over Toronto in 6 or 7.

Detroit over Colorado in 6 or 7. Detroit over Carolina in 5.


Celtics over Nets in 6 or 7.

Lakers over Kings in 5.

Lakers over Celtics in 4.


$3.00 that fight happens.

$2.50 that it won’t.

Lewis wins easy.


SF 49ers to win Super Bowl.