Sports: They makes us want to shout

May 21, 2002 4:26 AM

As I was sitting in the book this past weekend trying to put together a winning pick-3 at Hollywood Park, the Lakers and Kings game had just started.

There was this one guy. You know the guy, he is in every race and sports book in the state of Nevada. Well this guy was just screaming and yelling at the TV as if these players and refs could actually hear him. Then every time the refs called a foul on a Lakers player he would call them every name in the book.

You could see that the refs and the players were getting upset with his abuse but they could do nothing because they couldn’t get through the TV to get to him. If you were watching this debacle you would have actually believed he really thought these guys could really hear him.

This is a phenomenon that occurs in all books and most homes across the USA. I noticed that my race was about to begin for the second leg of my pick-3. I had already successfully put across a $10 nag in the first race so I was starting to get excited.

The race was going as planned with my horse stalking the frontrunner. Coming down the stretch they were neck and neck. I suddenly jumped up and started screaming at the horse and jock to try and spur them on for that extra effort. As I screamed at the top of my lungs my horse got his head in front and prevailed.

In the 70’s there was a guy around town called Tiger Paul Auslander. A real character from Pittsburgh, Auslander was really famous for his antics at the Pitt Panthers basketball games. He was their unofficial cheerleader.

It was said in a Sports Illustrated article that when Tiger was at the game cheering you could add four points to the spread.

And, if you saw this guy in action you could see why. He could scream with the best of them. Auslander was so crazy the Pitt fans would go berserk. I’m sure the fans, refs and players can’t hear through the TV set but I am almost positive that horse and jock can be cheered on to victory.

So the way I see it, these guys are wasting their time in these sporting events. However, race people should just keep screaming their lungs out. It works because I can testify to it!