No place like Roma!

May 21, 2002 5:44 AM

Diners seeking a taste that only a New York-style Italian deli can satisfy, should check out Roma Deli & Restaurant (5755 Spring Mountain Rd., 871-5577).

Although Roma Deli has been open for only three years, it has the charm and ambiance of a genuine Little Italy delicatessen and trattoria.

Featuring some of the best deli offerings in town, Roma Deli has a family-style storefront dining room, deli, bakery and Italian grocery.

The room is warm and cozy with checkered tablecloth settings, faux plants, Italian posters and artifacts, and the constant buzz of happy diners.

Lunch and dinner is served daily and feature blackboard specials plus regular menu selections.

The lunch specials often include tasty choices such as pork chops Milanese, chicken cacciatore and a hearty pasta boscaiola (fresh peas, tomatoes and mushrooms with choice of chicken or sausage).

Roma Deli includes a cozy, family-friendly dining area with the ambiance of a hyperactive New York deli.

Blackboard dinner specials may include veal Parmigiana with fresh Mozzarella, veal Marsala and a tender osso bucco served with fettucini.

The house specialties from the menu include superb renditions of spaghetti and meatballs, linguine with fresh clams, angel hair pasta with pomodoro and pesto, gnocchi with pesto or pomodoro and fresh mozzarella, rigatoni with albacore and petite peas and pomodoro, and a variety of fresh pasta, fish and chicken specialties.

"We use the best quality and the freshest ingredients in everything we prepare," said Robert Tedeshi, who co-owns Roma Deli with Gino Massei. "Regardless of the cost, it’s important that we serve the highest quality possible."

Toward that end, Tedeshi added, Roma Deli’s imported Prosciutto, for example, is the highest quality available and attracts loyal customers who recognize the finest quality.

In fact, the deli offerings, especially the cold cuts like the imported Prosciutto, are very popular with the lunch crowd. House favorites include cold sandwiches made from Provolone, ham, Capicollo, turkey, salami and roast beef.

Customers also like to feast on oversized hot sandwiches such as sausage and peppers, meat ball, chicken Parmigiana, eggplant Parmigiana and peppers and eggs.

Rounding out the specialties are tasty cannolis, cheesecake and a tiramisu to die for.

Many of the kitchen offerings are the brainchild of Gino Massei, who for many years was in the catering business, and for eight years worked at the MGM Grand’s Brown Derby.

"We think we know what people like, and we seek to serve them the best possible food," Massei said. "In return our customers have been loyal. We hope can continue to serve them and keep them happy."



Pasta from $7.95,
chicken and fish, from $9.99;
specialties, from $8.95 to $24.95.
LUNCH: Hot & cold sandwiches, $4.95 to $9.99;
salads, $3.95 to $7.75;
pasta, $4.75 to $7.50.