S&R prodigy Romeo finds room at The Mirage

May 21, 2002 5:52 AM

I have just returned from Florida after covering the Latin Billboard Awards where Celine Dion made a big splash. Don’t forget she’s opening at Caesars Palace New Year’s Eve, but she’s also embracing the Latin community. Maria Conchita Alonzo and Marc Anthony were the highlights of the awards in Miami’s South Beach.

It’s finally happened! William Shakespeare has been fulfilled! Romeo, Romeo is finally out of the wings and on-stage at the Siegfried and Roy Theater at The Mirage. Darren will be performing his brand of magic in the afternoons. Sounds like a nice way to beat the afternoon heat in Vegas.

Did you catch the Dionne Warwick hullabaloo? Apparently, she received the Humanitarian Award for her work with AIDS and uses marijuana for her glaucoma. Here’s looking at you, kid! Leave the poor girl alone.

I was in Miami not only to cover the Latin Billboard Awards but also to shoot a segment of the Walter Mercado show that will emanate from Caesars Palace and is scheduled for television in June.

Getting back to business as usual, I returned to see Frank Sinatra, Jr. at the MGM Grand Hollywood Theater and was surprised. This columnist was overwhelmed by the presentation and calmness of the show, but most of all by his stage presence ”” not to mention the fact that he sang superbly. He’s no longer in the shadow of his father. He’s a consummate performer.

The MGM Grand Hollywood Theater will also be the stage home for one of my favorites, David Copperfield. Another favorite, Charo, has a big opening scheduled for Thursday at the Sahara, and The Main Event is still slugging at The Venetian. Don’t forget Lord of the Dance at New York-New York will be closing July 31.

An internationally known production, The Soul of Magic, will open June 1 at the New Frontier Hotel. Victor and Diamond, the stars of the show, have received numerous television awards and have appeared at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. This is an afternoon show that sounds like a winner.

Last night at the closing of Frank Sinatra, Jr.’s show at the MGM Grand, there was Rick Michel. I’ve known Rick from Florida but most recently he played the part of Dino in The Rat Pack is Back. We talked about some of Rick’s projects and the scuttlebutt is the Baywatch producers may be opening a nightclub here. Earlier rumors concerning Baywatch were about a Baywatch movie but now it seems that it’s no longer just rumor, but it’s a Baywatch nightclub.

Not long ago there was a rumor about Bob Stupak building the Titanic Hotel. I can’t wait for the pool parties. You won’t find me lounging on a deck chair, not without a life preserver!