Las Vegas Hilton primed for $1 million blackjack tourney

May 21, 2002 8:51 AM


Big money blackjack players are converging on the Las Vegas Hilton for its $1 million Blackjack Tournament.

The tournament is so far proving popular with avid players and amateurs alike. Entering into its third round of preliminaries, the Las Vegas Hilton has already awarded $115,000 in cash.

From now through April 2003, the Hilton is guaranteeing $57,500 in prize money for each of its monthly preliminary rounds.

Not only will the top 16 monthly finishers from each round go home with extra cash in their pockets, but they will also come back to compete in the 2003 finals with the chance to win a guaranteed $1 million cash prize, paid in one lump sum.

Even more impressive are the odds. The probability of winning cash prizes are currently 1 in 2,997 ”” significantly better odds than most slot jackpots or lotteries.

Entry into each monthly preliminary tournament costs $1,000 and includes hotel accommodations for three nights at the Las Vegas Hilton, a souvenir tournament T-shirt plus the chance to play for $1 million. With only 10 more chances to qualify for the grand prize, the tournament schedule is as follows:



June 6-8

January 16-18

July 11-13

February 6-8

August 8-10

March 13-15

September 12-14

April 10-12 (final round)

October 10-12

November 14-16

December 19-21

In addition to the 192 tournament finalists who win monthly rounds, eight players will be chosen in a wild-card drawing to participate in the 2003 finals. All contestants who enter the monthly preliminaries are eligible for the wild-card drawing.