Roche moves to Deloitte & Touche

May 28, 2002 5:37 AM

Tom Roche, the former member of the Nevada Gaming Control Board and more recently a member of the Las Vegas-based Arthur Andersen auditing firm, has joined Deloitte & Touche, the firm that has been selected by some of gaming’s largest companies to perform its auditing services.

The highly-regarded Roche will be joined by colleagues Steve Comer, Larry Krause and Terry Melia in the Vegas office while another associate, Wade McKnight will join Deloitte’s Memphis, Tenn., office.

After a four-year stint as an associate of former Gaming Board chairman, Bill Bible, Roche joined the Andersen firm and became head of the local office’s Risk Consulting team, providing regulatory compliance assessment to gaming companies.

Two promotions have been announced by, the online event and horse wagering company. They are Jeff Franklin who is now vice president of product management and Chris McConnell, executive director of track relations and player development.

Andrew Tottenham has resigned from the board of directors of Innovative Gaming Corporation of America (IGCA). He cited the company’s shift in focus away from the European market as well as potential conflicts of interest between his current employer and the company’s announced merger partner, GET USA, Inc.

Veteran advertising executive Barbara Dempsey has joined Hands Inc. Advertising/PS Media as an associate.

Jim Gentleman has been appointed director of strategic planning and development by Shadler Kramer Group Advertising.