The murky world of a keno player’s mind!

Jun 4, 2002 8:50 AM

He heads downtown ”” he prefers it because there are five or six keno games within hailing distance from one another ”” and even though he’s not a big-time spender, they still know his name.

When he goes out to play he’s got to feel lucky. He’s on a short roll tonight, about $30 and he’d be happy to end the night with a couple hundred; rent was due at the end of the week. But, the lucky feeling was as love.

In and out of a couple of casinos, checking out the action. Stopped for a drink when he saw a familiar bartender, thought about buying a roll of quarters, then remembered his self-lecture on self-discipline that he’d given ”” and listened to ”” all afternoon.

Finish the drink. Good Bye! Up and out the door, to the place across the street. He likes the special rate six there. (It pays $0, $3, $100, and $2,600 for 3, 4, 5, and 6.) Figuring, if he plays a 20 way 6 for a dime a way, it’ll cost him two bucks a game. He should last almost two hours even if he doesn’t hit anything! (Note from Keno Lil: Hah!) And if he hits the six spot he’s expecting $260 plus change.

Oh! There’s that good-lookin’ keno runner workin’ tonight! He thinks she likes him sorta. (Let’s be charitable today: she really does like him, sorta. -K.L.) He’d better sit at the bar, have a drink and play some Keno.

He marks the ticket he’s been thinking about all day. It has four groups of four and four groups of two. It is a twenty way 6. Sixteen of the ways are of course combinations of fours and twos, while the last four ways are combinations of 2-2-2. All of a sudden though, he realizes the one weakness of his ticket: He can hit a solid eight on the four deuces and only get paid for a few solid sixes!

Thus comes the fever.....

(Continued next week)

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