Fiesta launches free handicapping contest

Jun 4, 2002 11:55 AM

Nothing beats a FREE handicapping contest, and the Fiesta has a nice one going every Sunday.

Contestants must have an Amigo Club Players Club card or a valid Nevada I.D. They can turn in one entry per week, in which they must pick the winner in five selected races (from tracks determined by the Fiesta).

In addition to their top selection, players must designate an alternate in case the top horse is scratched.

Points will be awarded for horses finishing in the money plus the $2 mutuel payoff:

Win: mutuel payoff plus 10 points.

Place: mutuel payoff plus 5 points.

Show: mutuel payoff plus 2 points.

The contestant with the highest point total after five races will be declared the winner. First place prize is $500, with $100 to second, $50 to third, $20 restaurant comp to fourth, and a Fiesta T-shirt or sweatshirt for fifth place.

In the event of ties, the prize money will be split evenly.

Results and list of winners will be available after 8 p.m., Sunday, with prizes paid after noon on Tuesday.