Food for thought: Starve the media!

Mar 18, 2008 6:00 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | Yours truly and his entourage ventured out to Krave at Planet Hollywood for a press party for the Amazing Johnathan. I was appalled by what I call the bottom feeders. The display of food and chocolates was stupendous and was soon devoured by the frenzied media stuffing themselves with abandon.

Itís no wonder the media often has a problem with some of the properties. For those of us that take our jobs seriously and have a professional duty to our readers, this was a bad example. The only thing missing that night were the togas! Food fight! Food fight! It was a short evening for me since I couldnít watch the frenzy for long.

I am a fan of Amazing Johnathan so couldnít pass up the chance to salute his arrival to Planet Hollywood. He once graciously helped with a pilot for my television show and opened his home for your truly. Scandals, scandals! Donít you just love a scandal when not part of it?

Did you see Mr. Goody Two Shoes, aka Eliot Spitzer the Governor of New York, spent $5,500 an hour indulging in Ö well, you know the rest of the story.

Are the people of New York asking where their tax money really goes? I doubt it, since the name Spitzer is anonymous with millions of dollars. Hookers and politicians often go hand in hand.

 Maybe other states should follow Nevada where prostitution is legal. Of course Las Vegas, Clark County and Reno are the exception. Guess thatís why our neighbors over in Nye County have so many visitors.

 ShoWest was here this week with stars like Kevin Spacey, all hawking their new films. Over at the Luxor, Carrot Top continues with some mighty strange antics on stage, or so Iíve been told. Before these latest events, the water showers in the act were cut out of the show after so many in the audience complained. Spies tell me last week the theater was overcome with an odor. Is this all part of a meltdown?

As reported earlier the Redneck Tenors might be held over at the Luxor as a main attraction but another show, Fantasy, continues with two shows a night and doing a great business.

The Best of Las Vegas will take place next week at the Zumanity Theater at New York New York. And yes, the honorable Rock III will once again be one of the presenters. Our host for this year will be the funny man from the Flamingo, George Wallace. Joanne Downey, who is in charge of the promotional events for the Review Journal has done an incredible job this year. I hear the gift baskets are fabulous.

Once again our Mayor Oscar Goodman will no doubt win the Most Colorful Character in Las Vegas, dethroning yours truly. Thatís OK, I have my earlier awards for this event to keep me company. Iím just proud to be in the mix.

The Best of Las Vegas is open to the public and tickets are still available for $25. Might be a fun time and Clint Holmes is scheduled to make an appearance. Others scheduled to appear include Rita Rudner, Frank Marino, Danny Gans, and many more. For tickets please call 702-740-6815.

 Never a dull moment in Las Vegas. The latest Dueling Divas are hairdressers! I hear that Kim Vo of the Mirage and Michael Boychuck of Caesars Palace and Palms have been having words. Play nice, children.

Rumor is that Michael does Paris Hiltonís hair. Enough of her, is she important to us? My favorite stylist in town is Teresa Graves. Theresa is often booked solid in advance because she does have that certain touch. Sheís performing her magic at Evolve Salon on W.Charleston and Ft. Apache. I feel somewhat qualified to share my opinion in this area since I was once the No. 1 hairdresser in New York City.

Now that Hooters has been sold, where will Bobby Slayton land after September? If youíre thin-skinned, donít sit in the front row of Bobbyís show. Wherever you sit, youíll have lots of laughs. Jimmy Hopper will open this week in the Lava Room at Trader Vicís in Planet Hollywood. Earlier Jimmyís career took him to the Luxor, the Bellagio and the Suncoast. Now heís back on The Strip.

One of the missing stars around town is Bill Acosta, the Man of 1,000 Voices. Bill was one of the local favorites along with Bob Anderson, who left the desert for Branson, Missouri. Anderson is making a special appearance in Palm Springs this next week. Seems there will be a celebration for Jack Jones at a club there connected to Leslie Anders and Buddy Greco.

Greco and Anders used to be part of The Cast along with Anderson, Frankie Randall, Tony Sacca and others. The Cast was a philanthropic organization contributing to several important charities in town. I hear Tony Sacca has changed the name from The Cast to The Society and board members have been running for the hills. We all know that Tony recently received his star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame. Personally I wouldnít pay $3,000 to be walked on, but thatís just me.

For American Idol fans, the stripper is gone! Whoís your favorite? Start voting.

The Society of Seven with Lani Misalucha and special guest star Martin Nievera will be closing at the Flamingo on April 13. This is a fabulous afternoon show and you will be mesmerized by the vocals of both Lani and Martin.

Laniís talents go beyond her voice. She adds a fun comedic flare to the show, but her vocals alone would be enough. And Martin Nievera, who is a huge star in the Phillipines, will take your breath away. His voice and his stage demeanor will keep you talking long after the show.

If you havenít seen the Society of Seven, be sure to catch the show before they leave on tour. The Society, of course, consists of seasoned performers who have a great following. Iím not sure if Nievera will be performing with the Seven when they come back to Las Vegas in September. You will not be disappointed. The show is a treat.