A personable primate

Jun 4, 2002 2:39 PM

            A “MONKEY’ ON HIS BACK: During the 1960’s he was known as a member of “The Monkees,” a popular, at that time, television show. But now, Davy Jones can be seen riding horses as an amateur jockey in both flat and jump races.

            He also has been campaigning a stable of thoroughbred horses and he plans to race them at Colonial Downs this summer. Since he has agreed to race at the Virginia track, he thought he might as well combine a little business with pleasure. He will be known as the voice of Colonial Downs, having just completed a series of television and radio advertisements for the coming meeting.

            Meanwhile, he hasn’t abandoned his career as a performer. He still tours and performs old favorites on the concert stage.   He also hawks Golden Oldie albums in cable infomercials!