Renovation on tap for Venetian showroom?

Jun 11, 2002 2:27 AM

If you like the legacy of Stevie Wonder, check out Signed, Sealed and Delivered opened Saturday night ”” starring Chaka Khan ””at The Venetian.

Talking about The Venetian ”” this is only a rumor folks ”” the showroom is about to go into a major overhaul ”” and there might be new investors”¦this is only a rumor! The ticket brokers have been taking more than their cut on these shows causing closings. Let’s see how Signed, Sealed ends up at The Venetian. The Main Event is still staying put. Melinda is doing business. It all remains to be seen if this creates a winning showroom for the hotel.

Cher, Cher ”” her final tour. What a wonderful performer. First it was Tina Turner who had a great final tour, and now it’s Cher. The opening act will be Trini Lopez.

Poor Winona Ryder ”” hasn’t everyone shoplifted at one time or another? I think I still owe my grade school 15 cents for the Jello plate that someone found its way onto my tray. Back to Winona, a little known fact is that when Johnny Depp wrote, Winona Forever, a tattoo, it wasn’t forever. She was a friend of Timothy Leary, the LSD guru. Maybe that’s her problem; she hallucinated when she thought she paid for those expensive clothes.

The problems with Winona seem to be a trend. Look at Whitney Houston. Between Whitney and Mariah (Carey) ”” great voices of our time, but with so many problems that never seem to end. One of our friends, Dionne Warwick, Whitney’s aunt, is also such a great talent, but she busted for carrying pot at the airport.

But talking about divas ”” one of the greatest diva of all ”” Diahann Carroll, is coming to the Suncoast. Let’s not miss this great talent. She is a style trendsetter, fashionista, and in a league of her own.

The word from my friend, Steve Wyrick, is that he lost lots of weight, and his show has improved (is there a correlation here?). Also, he is now ready for another project, which I think is pretty wonderful. I’ll tell you more about it later”¦

When I went to see Juan and Anna Gabriel at the concert, for the first time I saw the showroom sold out. Unfortunately, members of the Latin and international press were treated very shabbily ”” there is no excuse for this. Juan Gabriel is the Latin Elton John. He did more encores than I have comebacks. Let’s show some respect.