A different keno game?

Jun 17, 2002 11:26 PM

Keno Lil wants to know. Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve settled in for a nice relaxing keno session, two or three hours, sitting in the lounge, talking with friends and acquaintances, watching the ritual of the game, sensing how the numbers are coming up; cashing some winners, filing the losers, moving with the rhythm of the game.

Now it’s time to eat ”” perhaps the keno supervisor has comped you ”” and you play your tickets one more time and proceed to the eats. You sit down, watch the numbers come up: No winners this time! A runner approaches your table. You tell her that you’d like to replay your tickets and that you don’t think you have any winners this game.

She says, "Sir those tickets were played at the other game, the Green Game. I can check them for you back at the counter, but this is the Red Game."

Well, this can certainly be disconcerting, to say the least. Many of us keno players, though we understand that MATHEMATICALLY a change in games will make no difference to our chances, we still want to continue playing with the same set of balls, the same callers, the same supervisors as the game we had been playing. At the very least it gives us continuity. Indeed, the restaurant game may even use an RNG! (shudder) And there is always that nagging question: "What if my numbers come up on the Green Game while I’m here in the restaurant playing the Red Game."

This is a conundrum, and for more than one reason. How can we avoid this? First, before going into the restaurant, ask the keno supervisor if the same game is played in the restaurant, or is it a different, computer-generated one. If it is different, you do have some options. First of all, you can ask the supervisor if the game can send a special runner into the restaurant for you, from the original game you have been playing. In some cases, they will do this, and in other cases this may be impractical. Another solution: Play your tickets for a 21 game multi race. This will keep you covered in your original game, allow you plenty of time for your dinner, and also allow you up to 1 year to collect your winnings.

If you choose to play multi race at the original game, however, you will be presented with a new problem. You will be watching a game in the restaurant and you will have no action. So you are taking the chance that you will miss a winner on your original numbers that may come up while you are dining in the restaurant game.

(Sigh) Life just isn’t perfect. A suggestion: Play your numbers on bare bones straight tickets multi race on the original game. This is your insurance. Play your same numbers on the restaurant game, perhaps also as bare bones straight tickets. You will be covered on both games, risking perhaps less money.

If you have a keno question that you would like answered, please write to me care of this paper, or contact me on the web via email at [email protected] Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!