Pick-3 needs national TV

Jun 18, 2002 3:59 AM

The first of three national pick-3s was aired by CBS this past Saturday and I think it’s about time.

It’s very good for horse racing, even though CBS needs more knowledgeable people to do this kind of event. The national pick-3 is a very good and fun wager. For a small investment you can realize a very large payoff. Congrats to CBS for getting involved, the thoroughbred industry needs all the help it can get.

Eric in your future

I love to shop for future wagers, especially on the Super Bowl. As I was perusing the odds at a major sport book I couldn’t help but notice that every line from the openers had dropped except for one that stayed the same.

One of the best bookmakers in Las Vegas, especially when it comes to futures, is Eric St Claire (Rampart). Eric always said that when you lower odds on teams, you need to raise them on others.

In this case, 31 games had dropped and one had stayed the same. If you have no action on the one team, shouldn’t you raise the price? I don’t know what I am missing. I need to talk to Eric, maybe he will let us know in the very near future.

Think Palms for horses

The Palms is the spot for betting horses. No worries about getting shut out or not seeing all the races on the very best TV’s.

You can sit in a very comfortable seat and never have to get up to bet. For as low as $300, you can open up a wagering account (after that you can deposit any amount). Also on these screens you get all race changes, scratches, results of all races, jockey changes and more. It’s a lazy man’s dream. And if you are handicapped, this is for you.

Money beats friendship

Word is Drew Carey was in town, staying at the Hard Rock, and made a very big score on the Tyson, Lewis affair. ­­Carey, a friend of Iron Mike, bet on Lewis and picked the exact round (8) he would exterminate Mike. I wish I were friends with Drew. Hey Drew, I am from Ohio, close to Cincy. I think we could become good ­­buddies!