Will would agree, Congress needs to back off

Mar 18, 2008 6:00 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale | Carol, I believe that poker with its recent years of publicity through television, the Internet, casino games and multi-million dollar tournaments, is becoming the worldís most played game!

Yes, I think itís pretty safe to say that poker has definitely become the new national sport.

This makes me think of our big brothers and sisters up in Washington (who know what is best for us) deciding in the middle of the night to slip through a bill that denies us our civil right of the pursuit of happiness promised to us by our Founding Fathers!

Where are the American Civil Rights folks when we need them the most?

I have been honored by act of the legislature of the great state of Oklahoma and have been designated as a Favorite Son of Oklahoma!

This puts me in the same club with Will Rogers, and a lot of other famous folks from Oklahoma! I am reminded of a few things that Will had to say, such as "I never saw a man that I didnít like"!

I have been quoted as stating that I never saw a manís poker money that I didnít like. And, that I never saw two cards that I didnít like.

I am the youngest and seventh son of an only son. Each time I speak a short eulogy at one of my brothersí funerals, I am pleased to say my big brothers (all native born Oklahomans Berl, Ear, WN, and Marion) were not unlike Mr. Rogers. They also never saw a man that they didnít like!--

Moreover, they never saw a man that did not like them! Rogers also said, "All I know is what I read in the newspaper!"

Well, I am sure Will would not mind if I say,"All I know about poker is what I read in GamingToday!"

Hereís another Will quote, "Neither man nor beast is safe when the legislature is in session"!

Poker players sure were not safe from the midnight action of the Congress, which got into our homes and said, "You may not play poker on your computer"!

We are very fortunate here in Nevada because our state legislature only meets every other year. It would be better if they only met once each four years. We have enough laws on the books to last that long without passing any new ones!

Yes, one of my most honored autographed books is The Will Rogers Book written by Willís niece Ms. Paula McSpadden Love and given to me by her in 1961. I am honored to be in the exclusive Favorite Sons of Oklahoma club with Will Rogers.

I understand that the U.S. Congress is messing around with a new Internet gaming bill. If you want to know the current status email me at [email protected] and I will share the information.

My guess is that it will take about two more years to work the will of the poker players into the minds of the Congress. Then they will feel enough pressure for a new tax of several billion dollars.

I am confident that as soon as Congress learns how to regulate poker and get a lot of the tax money out of it, we will have legal computer poker games.

And, other types of Internet gaming will be permitted.

OK-J Poker Tip

The tip of the week comes to us today from a great writer and friend who recently cashed in his chips and is playing in the big game upstairs. "Poker is action and adventure," said my friend Bryon Liggett.

"One day youíre Superman, invincible, with x-ray vision and able to see what is hidden in the other poker playersí hands.

Then at other times, some joker has you trapped into the hand with one as powerful as Kryptonite. Whether it makes us happy or sad, we always love to play poker."

Thanks Bryon, Please, be sure to put me on the waiting list and when I come up to join you in the game. I will bring you the latest copy of GamingToday!