Poker still reigns supreme

Jun 25, 2002 2:35 AM

To see how their poker machines are doing in the real world, IGT asked Marcus Suan, Coast Casinos’ corporate vice president of slot marketing to share some of his experiences.

IGT: Why do you think Triple Play Draw Poker and other multi-hand poker games have stayed so popular for so long?

Suan: My theory is bottom line, new items are coming out every week in the video slot type of machines. The Triple Play game is unique. Someone is not coming out every day with a new triple play machine.

IGT: Do you notice any trends in the multi-hand or poker market?

Suan: The only trend I see is Action Gaming and its growth trend”¦ video poker has basically been the same exact item for 15 years. I don’t know what all we can do with it and the new types”¦ (they) aren’t really customer oriented. They’re a bit too complicated and a little cumbersome. I think the basic program is here to stay, unless someone comes out with another triple-play type of machine. So no, I don’t believe there’s a trend developing.

IGT: How have your players taken to EZ Pay tickets?

Suan: We opened the

Suncoast with as many ticket-type machines as we could, which were all IGT, over 90 percent of the floor. The property so far has been best operating and best run casino in operations. That part of it, no question, ticket-in/ticket-out is smooth as a kitten. Terrible Herbst also did it. The Palms has done it, and Green Valley Ranch, so ticketing is here to stay.

IGT: What’s your favorite poker game?

Suan: The most popular game on the floor is the standard ­­Double Double Bonus poker game. That’s probably the most popular ­­machine in the history of gaming. That, and Triple Play Poker are the best machines on the floor, no doubt. Not everyone plays them, but the win-per-day is definitely the biggest on the floor.