Main Event’ goes down for the count

Jun 25, 2002 2:54 AM

Here we go with the rumors again, maybe one of them will pan out. Latest is that Japanese buyers are circling The Venetian. Just a rumor.

But this is true, unfortunately. This columnist was saddened to hear of the abrupt closing of a Jeff Kutash show, The Main Event, starring Bob Anderson at The Venetian. I have followed this show all the way from Atlantic City. Maybe we have too many Franks?

On a brighter note, Signed, Sealed and Delivered continues with Peabo Bryson and Melissa Manchester, the "Don’t Cry Out Loud" songstress. Enough said.

An all time favorite, Carrot Top, is at the MGM Grand until July 3. Recently, I got a call from another funny man, Rip Taylor. Remember Rip? He used to sidekick with Debbie Reynolds. He may resurface on the local entertainment scene.

Frank Sinatra, Jr. returns to the MGM Grand on August 15-21. As I said in an earlier column, this is a not to be missed show. Sinatra, Jr. is a consummate performer stepping away from his father’s shadow. The magic man himself, David Copperfield opens at the MGM Grand on August 7.

News from the East about Diana Ross in rehab. Poor Diana! I told Diana if she had done her tour with Mary Wilson, she wouldn’t have to go to rehab. Another rehab inductee is Billy Joel. Actually he checked himself in for treatment. Word is his heart is broken. It might help to lose 75 pounds.

Over at the Sahara, Steve Wyrick is considering a brand new idea for tourists: See where the stars live; see where the stars died. Also at the Sahara, the wonderful cuchi, cuchi girl Charo will be hosting a telethon here in Vegas. Charo was a delight when I interviewed her for the Walter Mercado television show.

Seems our man Steve Wynn has emerged. His company has gone public. New hotel. Did we ever doubt it?

Darren Romeo’s afternoon show, The Voice of Magic, at the Mirage should be an evening show. The ads and posters around town are quite extraordinary.

A couple of weeks ago, the Amazing Kreskin, who was at the Silverton Hotel and Casino, was going to take everyone to the desert for a UFO sighting and he offered $50,000 to anyone who could dispute the sighting. I’m going to take everyone to the desert and I predict that you will see nothing. Which is what I’ll charge. And when it comes to amazing, the Amazing Jonathan lives up to his billing. Kreskin is not even amusing.

I keep talking about Baywatch, Baywatch, Baywatch. No, not the television show. Baywatch the theme park, Baywatch the restaurant; Baywatch the show. They’re in rehearsal at the Flamingo Hotel. Another theme? This one might work for the tropical-themed resort.

The Gangster Museum downtown is a welcome idea since we have the Casino Legends Hall of Fame at the Tropicana. This is history of the city that continues to fascinate visitors as well as locals. Let’s exploit it (like we do everything else!).

When you think of great restaurants, the wonderful shopping and the great headliners here in Las Vegas, you’re thinking of the new Las Vegas. Las Vegas is reinventing itself. It’s not only about gaming, it’s about fine dining, wonderful shopping and of course entertainment of all kinds. It’s about everything adults like to do, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.