Football, cards great parlay

Jun 25, 2002 9:24 AM

With the football season right around the corner, we are thinking contests and parlay cards.

Thank goodness, especially since baseball has become almost unbeatable, with half of the games on a daily basis at —200 or higher.

GT will cover all football contest in the throughout the city so you will have plenty of time to prepare your game plan. One of the premiere contests over the past years is the Stations Casino football contest.

Rating right with this contest is their weekly horse contest at Hollywood Park. The contest is at all Stations properties. I play at the Palace, mostly because of their expert staff, which includes supervisors Billy O, Roxy and Elaine. As for ticket writers, they are the best. Especially Gigi, Patty, Rose and Genevieve.

With baseball such a drag, this contest, held every Wednesday is a great way to pass the day. With a small entry fee of 10 dollars, you have a chance to win BIG BUCKS. There are two ways to win. First is most money earned (win end only).

Second, there is a separate pool for in the money. If all your selections come either first, second or third, you win this pool. Usually the amount is over $5,000.

The word is that since the contest has been so successful, that Palace will continue it at Del Mar. If you like to play the ponies, this contest is for you. Give it a shot, you won’t miss a week. A very good bet for a 10-spot.

Upgrading my football power ratings I receive weekly info from my uncle Guy regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers. He usually gets the very best info for me. One of the items he sent me was this, and I will pass it along. It just grabbed me from the dollars point of view, how everything has gotten so out of whack.

The Steelers are interested in Charlie Batch as an inexpensive one-year insurance policy to back up Kordell. Pittsburgh likes Batch since he is apparently willing to accept the league minimum $525,000 salary, and because of his 46 starts in the past four years. That’s 46 more than Steelers backups Maddux, Martin and Cole combined.

Batch, 27, was cut by the Lions on June 3, two years after receiving a $10 million bonus to sign a five-year, $50 million contract. Amazing to go from $50 million to $500 thousand, I feel so bad for the guy.