MGAM rolls out Real Time Bingo

Jul 1, 2002 10:34 PM

Multimedia Games Inc. last week introduced Reel Time ­­Bingo, the first in the company’s second series of New-­­Generation Class II games.

"The Reel Time Bingo game is running on approximately 400 electronic player stations linked between four different gaming halls," said Gordon Graves, chairman and CEO. "We are very pleased with the level of player acceptance we have already received for the game during its first night of play."

Reel Time Bingo provides an alternative to MegaNanza which avoids the chief criticism levied by the Deputy General Counsel of the NIGC in her April 15 opinion letter. In that letter, she stated that MegaNanza could not be classified as a Class II bingo game primarily because bingo cards are sold for each game after, rather than before, the ball draw takes place. MGAM immediately challenged that opinion in federal court. "We believe Reel Time Bingo offers equivalent entertainment value, speed and player appeal to MegaNanza," Graves said. "It also uses the standard bingo game sequence, in which the ball draw takes place after, rather than before, cards are sold."