Liza Minnelli sets sights on Vegas comeback?

Jul 1, 2002 11:30 PM

The Comeback Kid herself, Liza Minnelli, has certainly had her share of trials. First she almost died, then she made up with her sister, Lorna Luft, then she blew up in size, and then she recovered. Then she had the biggest wedding of the year, but had to cancel at the Beacon Theater. Rumor has it, only rumor, she’s coming back to Las Vegas. Five years ago she was a no-show. We’ll see what happens in this incarnation.

Talking about Liza’s sister, Lorna Luft, she once had a show here, Songs My Mother Taught Me. Lorna even won an Emmy Award. She was scheduled to appear at the Stardust with Don Rickles but it seems Lorna’s representative called saying she had a cruise scheduled and she wanted to exchange her appearance date with Peggy Marsh. Guess Lorna forgot we honor our contracts.

The Venetian has had as many show closings as Mickey Rooney had wives. The most recent also-rans include The Main Event and the rumor is that Signed, Sealed and Delivered could follow suit. Remember, the Venetian also had a short run of Bravo starring Charo, and a musical variety show with Robert Goulet and Paige O’Hara never made it through the honeymoon.

Maybe these shows need a dose of Viagra, or perhaps the four-wall deals are constricting.

Both The Main Event and Signed, Sealed and Delivered continued to get better ”” just in time to close. I, as a friend of both shows, feel very sad to see them on the ropes.

The star of The Main Event, Bob Anderson, is a favorite here in Las Vegas and deserves his own room. I hear that Bally’s and Harrah’s are pitching the show. Bob Anderson is one of the greatest entertainers of our time. Just ask any of the ladies in his fan club. They never miss one of Bob’s shows and there’s good reason for that. He’s genuine talent.

Speaking of high-octane talent, we have Gladys Knight at the Flamingo who is doing a fair amount of business. Sheena Easton at the Las Vegas Hilton is also doing well. Blue Man Group is a certified hit at the Luxor. We have EFX Live with Rick Springfield at the MGM Grand that continues to pack them in. Charo has moved to the Sahara and is doing better there.

We know the brokers are an intricate part of keeping any show open, but are the brokers running the shows? Does it go to the highest bidder?

Celine Dion will be opening the new 4,000 seat arena at Caesar’s Palace next spring. That’s expected to be spectacular. We have Lord of the Dance closing in July at New York-New York followed by renovation to provide a venue for Cirque de Soleil, which promises to produce a new stage spectacular.

Diahann Carroll had a superb outing at the Suncoast. She was glamorous and really elegant. Her presentation was top form. We have to give it to the veteran performer.

A new musical! A new musical! The Broadway musical, Mama Mia is coming to Las Vegas in some form. This is the show with all the music by Abba. Remember Abba: "Dancing Queen" and the other ghastly music from the 1970s? Yet, the show has received rave reviews.

Lo and behold once again I found myself at The Raw Truth on East Flamingo. One of the Smothers Brothers was there learning how to cook healthy. Keeping your arteries unclogged is key if you want a long, happy and healthful life.

The wonderful Frank Marino together with Bob Anderson and Charo were fabulous at the Golden Rainbow’s Charity. It was a great event and Charo received five standing ovations.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar were married last weekend. Congratulations!

Clint Holmes has become one of our main stars here in Las Vegas. A headliner. He came from a Greg Thompson show downtown to main room status on the strip. His show is always fresh and new, his talent unmatched. There is a reason he was voted Best Entertainer. Clint Homes appears at Harrah’s. The Mac King Comedy Show, also voted one of the Best, is at Harrah’s, too. Harrah’s has it going with two of The Best.

There’s a couple of shows brewing as a tribute to Peggy Lee, who died in January 2000. The wonderful Lezlie Anders is doing Fever, now being produced by Dick Foster. Miss Anders should be first. There’s also another one being put together. Let’s hope they do the great lady justice.