Always hold those tickets

Jul 2, 2002 4:40 AM

Time passes and, as it does, we need to advance in our thinking while everything around us moves forward.

Time changes things especially in sports. Just look at how all major sports have changed over the past 10 to 15 years. On Thursday I was sitting in the sports book taking in some early baseball games. A very nice gentleman was sitting near me and was in a good mood because he had made a wager on the Expos/Pirates game over 8.5.

The Expos had just put up a good inning to go up 7-2. He thought his bet was in the bag. What he failed to know was the rules involved in wagering on baseball totals. The game must be a complete contest for his wager to be valid.

Even though his bet was a winner in theory, it was not a winner according to the rules since the game was called after seven innings. He did get his wager back, but it just seems so unfair.

And what about the people that ripped their tickets up that had the under? Well, the books receive this revenue when these bets are purged into the system. This rule definitely needs to be changed. We need some leaders in the industry that will look out for the bettor and not just for their bottom line.

Also another rule that needs changing is cell phones in the race book. Every book manager is in agreement that this rule is absolutely stupid and meaningless. It has outlived whatever it was meant to accomplish. If you ever go to the race track, you will see not only people talking on their phones, but at the window placing a wager while on their phone. Please for the sake of the little old lady and the weekend visitor, change this stupid rule.

Moving on to the ponies, the Breeders’ Cup is going to offer Head-2-Head betting on this year’s upcoming Cup. At first it sounded like a very good move, as the racing industry needs new and innovative ideas. But, as I thought about it, I realized it would not work because of the pari-mutuel aspect.

If you can remember when they had this type of sports betting (Mega Sports), it was a total bust. When a person makes a wager like this they like to know what the return will be. You may make a bet laying —120 on a matchup, but by the time the race goes you could be laying —200.

That is exactly what happened to Mega Sports. It happened mostly in golf when you bet a golfer at 20-1. By the time betting was closed, he was 5-1.

Matchups have been around Vegas for a long time. They are very hard to beat from the books standpoint, mostly because the professional bettor has the luxury of picking the weak spots. With pari-mutuel, books won’t need to worry and can take any amount that a player may want to wager. But it won’t happen. I would like to hear any input you may have. Please write or E-mail to [email protected]

ALSO; Congrats to Jamie Shea, the new race and sports director at the Hard Rock. Jamie arrives from a similar position at Venetian. Good luck from the GT staff.